Overcoming Obstacles To Play

 Play is powerful.

Play is fun (which is a great reason to do it) but the power of play is more interesting than that.

We came to understand the importance of Sensory Integration because we invented a Full Support Swing Seat in 1983.

Since then we have learnt to respect the power of play.  Children want to do it, it is a motivating force & once you have desire you can do anything. Toys are the levers, fulcrums and pulleys in the great machinery of development: and play is the power that drives it.

Our goal is to create products that enable people to access that power, we are always working on new products and developing old ones.

Different toys, different forms of play all wash different parts of the brain with sensory information.  How the mind sorts that information and responds is known as Sensory Integration.  Of course you don't need to know any of this in order to benefit from it, but if you are looking for toys to buy for someone else and if they have special needs, then - perhaps you do.

We hope that our website, its structure and text will gently share some of our experience and knowledge and help you  leverage the power of play in your relationship with your special needs child. 

More than anything however we hope that you will share your experience, using our review system.

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