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If you're someone that requires extra sensory input then Footnotes is great for you. Each time you step on a Footnote it makes a noise! They can be spread around on the floor and you can jump on them, making sounds as you go. The colours are captivating and lovely to look at. It is a great way to be social as you can play with more than one person making playtime more fun. Footnotes is a movement sensitive game that will develop motor skills and make muscles stronger.?

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Debbie S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 01/04/15
Is used by mobile soft play organisation. The kids love them are constantly inventive with games. We are going to purchase some other similar ones. I tested them at home with my children who are 9 and 10 and they were a bit noisy but the children who join us for a session are from toddlers to 4 years old and some can make them sound and some not. This is very funny as they try to work it out!