UV Mat

Our Ref #: 9UVMAT
564,57 €
459,00 € (exc. VAT)
A tough, durable multi-coloured playmat which produces an amazingly bright glowing effect when used with a UV light. Even under everyday white light the colours radiate much more intensely than competing products. This creates a jewel-like stained glass effect if hung on a window pane. Woven from stretchy PVC, the mat stimulates the visual senses whilst also providing a great tactile experience. Bound edges ensure a smooth, safe finish which is strong enough to withstand the most rough-and-tumble play. The PVC used in this product is certified phthalate free. Function - Just lay mat on floor, switch on UV lighting and watch the colours glow. Quality - Fully tested for strength and durability. Note that this product requires UV lighting (not supplied) for full effect to be realised.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 1m square