100 UV Fibre Optic Tails


628,00 €

510,57 € (exc. VAT)

Side-Glow tails are highly tactile, and fascinating, they are not hot & do not carry any electricity, so can be safely mouthed (though this is ususally not encouraged). The point is that the users can and do get intimately close to the tails, and this is their value. ?They can be worn like the most amazing jewelery, making the user feel very special. Moreover we also find that they offer a tremendous opportunity for closeness with other people, since the wearer of the tails will allow others into their space to "look at the tails".

UV Tails are multi-coloured at all times, while White Tails clearly show the colour of the light source.

Tails: Consider these carefully. If you have a large number of people who will use the tails they are likely to get and stay tangled.

The 200 tail is the most popular option, while the 100 is very easy to un-tangle.

All tails include a Light source.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 2m